Polaris indy 500 fouling plugs

Polaris indy 500 fouling plugs

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polaris indy 500 fouling plugs

Could the fuel pump pulse line fill both side with gas if it were leaking? Just trying to find a starting point for troubleshooting. Engine was very hot and I let it sit until today.

Could the warm temps and low rpm operation cause an excessively rich condition and unburned fuel to fill the crankcase? After I drained it and cleaned the plugs it runs fine.

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HookechoFeb 7, Messages: If everything in your carbs is working right and the jets are right it won't make any difference what the temp is or the speed you drive it. It may be a little off on power at higher temps but it would never fill the crankcase with gas. The seal system that Polaris uses on that crankshaft is not a positive seal so yes one leaking carb or leaking impulse line can fill both sides of the engine.

If you flip the carb upside down with the bowl installed while testing the amount of weight the floats put on the float arm is close to the buoyancy of the floats. Pump it up and watch the gauge yours should leak down fairly fast. Mike-DRHFeb 8, HookechoFeb 8, I was just going to reply the needle and seats cause that but when I scrolled down saw Mike already responded.

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ProFeb 9, Leaking needle and seat on left carb. The little black rubber tip was gone and a leftover chunk was causing it to leak by pretty good. Replaced both with Polaris parts. HookechoFeb 9, For future ref. Mike-DRHFeb 10, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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BKR6E plug with 0. Asked in Miscellaneous Vehicles What is the spark plug gap for a 94 Polaris sportsman? Sportsman 4x4 To change a spark plug you need to take off the seat and the side panel on the right side. After you do this the spark plug will be in front of the carb and on top of the engine block. On top of the cylinder head directly under the fuel tank. Take the seat offthen the right side cover.

The spark plug will be behind the ground cable on top of the motor. Should be a special spark plug tool in your tool kit.

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Its in the top of the head. You have to reach up between the gas tank and head and feel for the plug wire. Its a pain. Just changed a plug this AM.

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Remove the right side panel. On top of the cylinder top of engine there is an orange or red rubber plug. Spark Plug is under this waterproof plug. Kind of a pain to get to.Welcome to the Darkside. Sled Forum, Always free. Post Feb 10, 1 T Post Feb 10, 2 T Post Feb 10, 3 T Post Feb 13, 4 T Post Feb 13, 5 T Post Feb 14, 6 T Post Feb 18, 7 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms.

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polaris indy 500 fouling plugs

Recently it started fouling the mag side plug on start up or just after start up. It always starts up on the second pull and sometimes its hittin on two and then you can hear one go down after just a few seconds of running. Its hit and miss sometimes it does it sometimes it doesnt.The contents of the Alaska Outdoors Supersite forums are viewable by anyone, and may be read by clicking the forum headings below.

To post to our forums, please register. Alaska Outdoors Supersite offers several membership levels. Learn more! For your security, your account management area, forums and University require login. Please use the same username and password for all areas. Register Help. Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 13 of Thread: Polaris Indy problem. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Polaris Indy problem Hey Guys, I am posting this for a freind to try and figure this out cause I sure as hell can't.

He has 2 Indy classics that do the same thing and we can't figure it out. They will start and idle just fine. At first when they started acting up you could go maybe miles and then it would bog down you couldn't get it to take any gas, like it was fouling plugs but that wasn't the case. You could lift up the track and it would spin, but not under load.

I have gone through the carbs both indoors and out in the field. Both were very clean, even checked the piolt jets and main jets. Since this is happening to both machines I feel that it is not fuel related. You can rev them up but it just won't accelerate. Now it does right from the get go, not just after you had been riding it for a while. It progressively got worse. I'm sure I am thinking about this too hard and it right there in front of me. Any ideas would surely be appreciated.

I think the fact that it is happening to both machines, it probably is fuel. The only common link between two machines can be fuel. I'd drain everything and start all over with fresh fuel from a different source.My father in law bought a vintage Chaparral SSX last winter. We had problems with it and chalked it up to bad carburetors. We found some NOS carbs this past summer and took it out for its first spin today. It ran great but within 10 minutes it fouls out the plugs. You put in a new set of plugs and it takes off again and runs great for about 10 minutes till it fouls again.

It has new coils, new wires, new caps we are thinking maybe cdi. What are some signs of a dying CDI do they go slowly or do they die suddenly?

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We are at a loss. Any suggestions would be appreciated I hate for him to spend bucks if its something else.

polaris indy 500 fouling plugs

I will steer him clear of the CDI. We narrowed the problem down a little bit from where we started. It is not on particular cylinder. It varies back and forth with each set of fresh plugs. Its basically a race to see which side will foul out first. The stator was not what I was hoping for but at least it does not mean splitting the motor open. The sled runs beautifully till the fouling starts happening then it just slowly goes south till a cylinder floods out one side.

We were running B7es for a plug and as far as we know the jetting is stock to what the book says. If that does not work then we will need to pull the stator I guess. Also is it possible to knock a two cylinder crank out of phase? If a sled is out of phase does it not backfire a lot and give problems though? Believe it or not a bad crank would be an easier fix then the stator.

Dump ALL of the fuel out of the tank. Clean the tank and then install fresh fuel. I bet that will clear up the problem. Old fuel even if mixed with fresh can foul plugs quicker than yoiu can say BOO! God bless the second amendment and thank god for the fifth.

That would indicate worn rings. I had an old 86 indy for my son that did that exact same thing you are discribing. After hours of fixing the wrong things, it turned out to be the CDI box. So I guess you can't rule that out yet. It would foul one or both plugs or so we thoughtchange plugs and by time we did that the spark was back.I keep on fouling a plug on my clutch side cylinder.

I can change the plug, and it runs fine till I stop riding and leave it for a day, then it fouls within 20 mins of riding the next time I go out. My fuel mixture is fine, its only one cylinder and not the other and not both.

When the plug fouls, its a bluish-grey smoke that smells of unburned gas to be expected and when its not fouled, hardle any smoke.

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Top speed when a plug is fouled is about 30mph, and when a plug isn't fouled, its 80 mph. Theres no pickup and hard acceleration when a plug is fouled. Boggy when a plug is fouled. I am running an ngk br9es recommended by individual dealer, but the shop manual recommends br8es.

Ill swich both br9es plugs to br8es and see if they still foul, but its only one plug on one side that keeps on fouling??? I cant see any exhaust leaks anywhere.

I don't suspect a poor spark plug wire because when I change the plug, its fine.

polaris indy 500 fouling plugs

Its the rotax Its the points style ignition I wish it was cdi. Should I replace an ignition coil??? If I replace one, do I need to replace the other one would be 35 years old and the other would be brand new if I replaced one coil. I would greatly appreciate help on this guys, its really bugging me, and I don't want to be paying for a set of plugs every friggin week. I got out yesterday for a ride and once I changed a plug, it ran great all friggin day at least 4 hours of riding. Then today, after mins of riding it fouled up on me and I thought forget about riding today, the snow is too deep and powdery and I don't have the power to get through it, because if I stop, its really hard to get going again and I used my spare set.

I love riding and it bugs me to have to quit riding after 20 mins due to a fouled plug when I could have been riding for hours. I know that a lot of 2 stroke motors have problems with fouling plugs if the motors aren't run hard at times and there aren't good bursts of full throttle and hard acceleration and load, so I put my machine in good high speed runs approx. Its original everything on that sled and it wasn't run hard in the miles my grandparents put on it before I got at it.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community.

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